25 January 2009

Let the blogging begin

I've loved creating since I made my first afghan when I was 7 at my Nana's house some 42 years ago. The joy of taking different materials and turning them into a cohesive piece of art, has become a passion over the years and with the supply of materials available in the market today the possibilities are endless. If I had to choose my favorite art medium it would be paper. I have the stash that would go around the world with the pieces that are to pretty to use and that piece I can never use because I might not be able to find it again. I love altered art, making cards from cute and simple to artsy and elaborate, creating one of the kind journals and although I'm not your traditional scrapbooker I love to make books to put pictures in.

I hope you will join me from time to time and see what I'm up to.

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